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Tripp Lite OMNI1000LCD 1000VA UPS

Tripp Lite OMNI1000LCD 1000VA UPS

This auction is for a Tripp Lite OMNI1000LCD Battery backup and power protection unit.  I bought this a couple years ago for my workstation.  It has saved me dozens of times.  You know those times when you are working on something really important ( email, programming, design ) and you forget to frequently save your work.  Then the power goes out and everything you worked on for the past 4 hours is gone.  This unit is your answer.  A UPS will give you the piece of mind to work during a rain storm or a hurricane.  The power may go out in your home, but this UPS will keep you going for several minutes, giving you time to finish what your were doing and save your work in case the power doesn't come back on within a few minutes.

There is nothing wrong with this unit.  its in Excellent condition both mechanically and visually.  The only reason I am selling it is because I recently upgraded my workstation, and now when I have everything going I use about 600 watts and this is way above what this UPS can handle.  However if you are an average user with a tower and 1 or 2 monitors this UPS should work for you.  To put things into perspective my current work station is driving 2 x 24" LCDs, 1 x 30" LCD, 4 SAS drives, 3 SATA drives, 1 RAID card, 1200 WATT PSU, Dual Radeon Video Cards, a 2.6 i7 and multiple 250mm fans.  This UPS would only last about 1 second driving all that.  Hence the reason I upgraded to a 1500 VA model.

Once again for most users this UPS would be more than enough.

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